Crossroads warmly invites you to engage with current social, ecological, economic and political developments. As the global socio-ecological crisis intensifies (think climate change, peak everything, economic and social disintegration, etc.) and governments fail to bring about the transformations we need, our program focuses on the courageous people and inspiring movements and initiatives who fight for social justice and for the preservation of our natural means of livelihood worldwide.

A selection of award-winning films offers the audience intimate insight into personal and collective efforts to make the world a better place. Impressive stories about the most important issues of our times are told with arresting images. The festival’s aim is not only to raise awareness, but also to empower people to get active and join the struggle for a sustainable future in which everybody is able to live well.

Crossroads brings films to Austria/Europe which in many cases despite great quality and relevance unfortunately otherwise wouldn’t reach the local audience. As a result our program includes a high number of Austrian or even European premieres.

Many screenings are followed by q&a sessions and debates with filmmakers, protagonists, activists and critical thinkers to deepen the engagement with the issues covered in the films. Additional talks, panel discussions, teach-ins and workshops complete our program.

This year´s program features 28 films from around the world, including Sundance-winners and other celebrated works as well as a record number of inspiring speakers. As the political spectrum shifts to the right in many European countries and governments attack our freedoms and rights, we have more to talk about and organize against as ever before! You´re warmly invited to participate in our debates and workshops! Free admission to all events! Donations very welcome!

– The Authoritarian Turn and How to Confront It (Nov 22nd)
– Creative Activism / Political Art (Nov 23rd)
– Graz, Solidarity City (Nov 24th-26th)
– Feminism in Action (Nov 27th)
– Animal Liberation (Nov 28th)
– Good Food For All! (Nov 29th)
– Climate Justice Now! (Nov 30th)
– Earth Protectors (Dec 1st)
– Refugees Welcome! (Dec 2nd)
– Inspiring Movements / Inspiring People (Dec 3rd)

Oriol Cervelló (Barcelona en Comu), Floris Whitebull (Activist featuring in AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock), Dorothee Häußermann (Ende Gelände, featuring in „Tomorrow´s Power“), Steve Wise (Nonhuman Rights Project, featuring in „Unlocking the Cage“), Niels Boeing (Network Right to the City Hamburg), Mai-Britt Ruff (Solidarity City Netzwerk, Open Borders Osnabrück), Kate Brooks (Filmmaker „The Last Animals“), Nico Muzi (Filmmaker “Frontera Invisible”), Flora Petrik (PLUS), Lukas Oberndofer (mosaik), Romana Ull (Naturschutzbund, Rettet die Mur), Mahsa Ghafari (SOS Mitmensch), Martin Regelsberger (Experte für Wasserwirtschaft), Lisa Mittendrein (Attac), Christian Holter (SOLID), David Prieth (Artist), Margarethe Makovec (rotor), David Steinwender (Transition Graz), Brigitte Kratzwald (, Doro Blancke (Gib mir deine Hand), Karl Reiter (FGM – Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität), Judith Goetz (FIPU), Michael Wrentschur (InterACT), Evelyn Schalk (Ausreißer), N.N. (System Change, not Climate Change!), Sascha Vanicek (Gmota, Samenbibliothek), Tanya Wegscheider (animal rights activist), Heidrun Primas (FORUM STADTPARK), and many more.

Free Entry! Donations very welcome!